Underscore is a multi-media company that produces content across both digital and print platforms, and curates experiences such as The U Symposium, The U Factory and The U Café.

Underscore publishes an independent magazine with thematic content attuned to a simple rhythm; quality of life. It was derived to underline or highlight simple values that are important but neglected in everyday life. Each issue is accompanied by an underscore—a carefully selected soundtrack to complete the reading experience. A complementary broadsheet The U Press is released quarterly and revolves around the individuals and ideas that shape Singapore’s creative culture. It is made for and about the community—of the people who make it, of the folks who keep it going and of the kinship we all share. New York and London editions were launched in 2015.

Read excerpts from Underscore magazine and The U Press online, or visit these stockists to pick up a copy of The U Press.