Above and Beyond

Photography by Stephan Zirwes

Cecilia Eyes – The Departure
Here Dead We Lie (2010)

Hanging out of a helicopter, Stephan Zirwes questions our reality while the world is presented to him on a platter. He searches for patterns, structures, connections, uniformities and contrasts, is that a cornfield or a doormat? A bird’s eye view is more than a fascination, it is an opportunity to show things hidden from daily life. Flagged by highways, railway tracks, rivers and canals, the Ruhr region was documented to show old ruins of forgotten places, revealing stories of history. Known worldwide during the Second World War, it was where coal mines once cooked steel to dominate the region. Today, everything has changed. Old industrial coal mines have disappeared with only a few huge ruins left standing.

above and beyond stephan zirwes

From N˚3: Fight.