Adapt or Die

Text by Sharon Leisinger
Photographs courtesy of Sony Pictures & Studio Babelsberg AG

The Chemical Brothers – Devil Is In The Details
Hanna Soundtrack (2011)

Sitting on either side of a small fire, dressed in furs, Hanna listens to Erik as he reads to her from an old encyclopedia.

“What does music feel like?”

“Music. The combination of sounds with a view to beauty of form and expression of emotion.”

“I want to hear it for myself.”

“We have all we need right here.”

“It’s not enough. I’m ready, papa, I’m ready.”

Hanna film joe wright adapt or die

Raised in an isolated log cabin within the arctic forest with only the barest of necessities, 16-year-old Hanna longs to discover the world she has only learned about through her father and a Grimm’s Fairy Tales book left behind by a mother she was too young to remember. She spends all her days training intensively in extreme physical endurance, combat, hunting, shooting and mastering multiple languages. All for the day she finally decides to ‘flip the switch’ and set in motion a fight for survival.

So begins this action thriller with arthouse aesthetics that sets out on a fast-paced, cross-continental journey of vastly different landscapes, inspired by a backpacking trip the film’s scriptwriter undertook at age 19. From a harsh desert in North Africa, to a bustling street in Morocco, to a crowded camping site in Spain and finally to Berlin; the gritty subway and a gloomy abandoned amusement park. Hanna must escape this story’s wicked witch figure, Marissa Wiegler, who with her perverse whistling henchman will not rest until either one of them is dead.

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