Design Dialogue Document

Uncovering the creative minds and ideas that make up Singapore’s design landscape.

Back in March, as part of Singapore Design Week 2018, we launched Design Dialogue Document, a collection of stories from and about the local community that expresses our shared belief in design as an instrument for shaping our creative culture.

Over the course of two months, we spoke with some of the designers, creatives and business leaders behind the most iconic brands and landmarks of Singapore: from Richard Hassell, co-founder of architectural practice WOHA; to Wee Teng Wen, founder of The Lo and Behold Group and its ever-delightful hospitality concepts. We explored some of the neighbourhoods of Singapore where tradition and modernity merge in refreshing and endearing ways, and the individuals and communities that make them possible. Finally, we celebrate our friends and partners who, through grit, persistence, and hard work, have turned their hobby into a calling.

Read excerpts from Design Dialogue Document here.
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