Your Hand in Mine

Text by Sy Chia
Photography by Nick Simonite

Explosions In The Sky – Your Hand in Mine (Goodbye)
Friday Night Lights Soundtrack (2004)

When you describe Explosions In The Sky, a few words come to mind: powerful, dynamic, raw and progressive. Some wonder at their strange ability to concoct tunes that draw people deep into the crevices of their thoughts; others find their music to be a power drug: a quick release of willpower and concentration. We have always played our part as listeners, waiting patiently for their next masterpiece of an album to be released. And how they take their time.

Most intriguing are the men behind the music, who seem as elusively kept beneath their melodies as they have been from the tabloids. The four-man band first met at a bar in Austin, Texas, after a recruitment poster was placed outside a record store reading, ‘Wanted: sad triumphant rock band’. They have had six epic studio albums and spectacular live shows across the world. The soul behind Explosions In The Sky tends to give people a deep sense of wonderment as to where such inspiration comes from. We were fortunate enough to chat with drummer Chris Hrasky to find out what drives them.

explosions in the sky chris hrasky music

“We just liked the idea of a band that there was not a leader or main songwriter, everyone collaborating and having their own say. I don’t think any of us want the sort of leader role, so a leaderless band is kind of the best option for us.

“I think our relationship has deepened over the years. We still have our ups and downs but we also know each other so well that we can anticipate how each one of us is going to respond to certain situations. We’ve shared our lives with each other, both the good and the bad. Whether it’s parents being sick, or relationships ending, or babies being born, we support each other like a family. In a lot of ways, we’re closer to each other than we are to our families,” Chris says of the unexpected friendship.

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