Fly By Might

Interview by Charlene Chan

It’s fascinating watching Kyra in flight. Her freestyle routine— which she performs to a music track of her choice—sees her gliding upwards, sideways and tumbling through the air, light and impossibly graceful. It’s over almost as soon as she started. She lands lightly, and it’s hard to tell what she thinks of her performance under her headgear. But then her helmet comes off, and she’s all smiles.

Hi Kyra, please tell us about the sensation of being in flight.

Wearing only a body suit and helmet—with the wind blowing against me and being able to catch it with precise body motions— makes me realise how a bird feels soaring in the sky. The feeling of weightlessness is amazing. Wind speeds in the tunnel can go up to 280mph and the adrenaline of cutting through the air while doing stunts puts me on cloud nine (no pun intended).

In a sport where split seconds matter, how does the decision-making process happen?

Sometimes, I don’t have the time to think while I’m flying speed rounds. Most of the thinking is done just before jumping in. I’ll visualise the moves, jump in and execute them perfectly. Planning before entering the tunnel is as important as flying in the tunnel.

Can you tell us about the choreography of your routines?

I started freestyle training in 2016. I stretch everyday, go to the gym, swim and do yoga. That’s the hard work outside the tunnel. I also watch ice skating and dance performances for inspiration. My mum, a cheerleader during her school days, gives me tips for my routine. There are also certain moves that I have to execute; judges award points based on how perfect those moves are.

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