Green and Grey, and Sometimes Blue

Photographer Iwan Bigler captures nature’s beauty in its freshest form.

Photography by Iwan Bigler

Youth Lagoon – 17
The Year Of Hibernation (2011)

Traversing the scenic terrains of Iceland, one can find the island awash with calming tones of green and blue. Overcast skies are periodically punctuated by searing rays of sun that illuminate vast forests and meadows to panoramic proportions. Oceans, lakes and waterfalls reflect distant dancing clouds in the sky. Changing weather can sometimes pose a stark contrast to the persistent beauty of the empty landscape, both enhancing and inhibiting its charm. To any Iceland traveler, weather is likely to play a huge role, especially as one ventures beyond the boundaries of the north Atlantic.

Bigler’s photos speak of an ethereal paradise of unparalleled beauty, and entice one to make a trip to the island. It is a place where the fresh air instantly clears the mind, where one’s footsteps are lighter, and where inspiration blossoms.

Iwan Bigler Iceland Green and grey

Iwan Bigler Iceland Green and grey

Iwan Bigler Iceland Green and grey

From N˚5: Arrival.