Homecoming: Embracing Our Own

Photographs courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board

A prosperous nation built in 50 years—what a feat. If we were to look past the economic success of this nation though, what would we find? A soul. Like every other country in time, the very human core of any community is manifested through art. Therefore, art may be excess but it is one of the most abiding tendencies of humanity, one of the more positive tendencies at that. What better way to celebrate this nation’s 50th birthday than to showcase, on an international level, what has been cultivated and incubated in this tiny island over these 50 years.

Homecoming embracing our own singapore inside out

The Singapore: Inside Out (SG:IO) exhibition commenced in Beijing, at the 751D · PARK, the vast industrial labyrinth that has hosted an assortment of design expos and cultural events. The subsequent destinations for the SG:IO showcase include the Old Truman Brewery, the revolutionary arts and media quarter in East London, and the iconic Madison Square Park in New York City, the choice outdoor venue for countless musical and cultural events.

Related events were also organised with the aim of bringing a slice of Singapore to these cities—The Music Society, Singapore (SGMUSO) organised a showcase of our local musical talents Charlie Lim, Pleasantry and Gentle Bones at Rough Trade East, London; a visual arts exhibition, Ex Parte, was held at The Brick Lane Gallery in London, exploring the experiences of British and Singaporean artists who have made each other’s countries their homes; the works of New York-based Singaporean photographer, John Clang, took over the iconic window displays at Bergdorf Goodman; and, a 10-day festival, Something to Write Home About, was organised by a group of New York-based local artists to showcase Singaporean art in New York.

Homecoming embracing our own singapore inside out

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