Jaime Hayon

Interview by Justin Long
Photographs courtesy of Jaime Hayon

Trentemøller – Shades of Marble
Shades of Marble Remixes – EP (2011)

There is that ever so gleeful expression, with a slight glint of naughtiness, that adorns the work of Jaime Hayon, especially the ones with clownesque faces, and it is a look that one can never forget. Or resist a smile. They embody a likeable spirit like his own, one that does not take itself too seriously, one that seeks with a sense of childlike curiosity, one that creates with fearless imagination. For it’s all about finding the right craftsfolk, to lead hand in hand, into the fantastic imaginarium of Jaime Hayon.

Jaime Hayon

So I heard that you’ve been a father for about a year now, how different is it for a kid growing up now compared to back then?

I was born in the pre-Internet world: everything is different now than from back then. The world has become smaller, more accessible…my child is born into a hybrid world where we get many influences from many places. The rules have definitely changed for better or worse. Already, he is born into four or five languages and different cultural backgrounds. I think there is a lot of richness brought by this variety. There are also so many more risks.

Are you comfortable with this change?

I embrace the advantages of our times and cope with the difficulties as they come. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than here and now. As for fatherhood, it is probably the most special thing that has ever happened to me and I am so very proud to be a father to my son.

Jaime Hayon

Has fatherhood changed the way you create/design? Or has it heightened your awareness?

I don’t think it has changed the way I design but it has definitely changed the way I live. A child arrives into your life and your priorities change, your sense of present and future evolve and it’s no longer only about you. It reminds you of the beauty of simplicity and the role of responsibility. I have been very active in my role and shared creatively, as much as I can. As far as playing goes, there has always been that part of me. Of course, it now beats stronger than ever as I am constantly reminded about how important the game, the positive energy and humor is in life: in his life, in our life and in everyone else’s…

Jaime Hayon

Do you remember how/when you started sketching/creating? How/when did you know this was what you wanted to do?

I was very much into skateboards when I was a teenager. It was my passion and it put me in contact with many creative people. With skateboards, developing your personal style is key. My first sketches were designs for boards. I really got into it and drew designs for other friends. Soon after, I understood designing things was actually a possibility and went fully into design.

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