Lyna Ty, Song for the Mute

Interview by Samuel Willett
Photographs courtesy of Song For The Mute

A creative journey cultivated by the highest of highs and lowest of lows, Lyna Ty, designer from the Australian-based menswear label, Song for the Mute, tells us about her life-changing experiences, reactions, hopes and processes. And that sometimes, you never know what you may gain by losing.

You have just returned from Paris, debuting your first collection internationally with Showroom Romeo. How did it all go and what was the overall reception of the new collection?

Getting the opportunity to present your range to the international market amongst other great designers around the world is an absolute honour. In saying that, it could also be really nerve-racking—especially for newcomers such as ourselves. Operating in a foreign environment, dealing with different cultures and markets to what you are accustomed to, it really opened our eyes and has changed the way we perceive everything.

lyna ty song for the mute menswear fashion

Song for the Mute is a label that is grounded in conceptual space rather than being confined to a certain aesthetic. This label almost acts like a communication channel that we use to voice our thoughts and feelings. We design for the moment, how we feel, our mood, and what we are experiencing or have experienced all adds significantly to the development of our concepts.

We are very happy to say that the collection was very well received and we have successfully achieved the goals that we set prior to the trip. Starting from ss12, Song for the Mute will be represented in nine countries worldwide.

lyna ty song for the mute menswear fashion

You are Parisian-born, schooled within Australia and trained in Italy. How has travelling and the vast differences in these cultures helped shape you and your work?

Where and how I’ve been brought up has shaped who I am and definitely is the core influence of my work. Culture plays a great deal in the label’s aesthetics. By moving around to different cities, you tend to lose yourself in an unfamiliar environment, but you get to learn to adapt and appreciate other ways of life, and this is truly a privilege.

We significantly value the importance of our background, culture, values and beliefs. We’ve been lucky to see lots of ways people live in this world, and the melting pot of all those different cultures is the main product of our design.

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