Neighbourhood: Mulackstraße

Text & photography by Freunde von Freunden

Since our office is based in Mulackstraße, we decided to write about our favorite spots in the surrounding area where we spend the biggest part of our days. Even though Mulackstraße is a compact street that you won’t stumble upon easily, it’s worth the search as it has an individual character with beautiful shops strewn along its length.

Our small road is considered the fashion Mecca of Berlin but it’s way more than a cool title. Even though it’s a street, it’s also a neighbourhood in itself with a shared vision of quality and aesthetics throughout its shops and cafés. This is why the location is so integral to the FvF Apartment which is all about creating a relaxed environment of interaction where interiors and carefully selected pieces add to how people experience the space. The apartment, which has come to life in collaboration with Vitra, is an extension of the magazine where we present our idea of urban living through events, workshops, lectures and all around friendly and creative exchange.

Mulackstrasse, Berlin neighbourhood

With that in mind, we’ve picked a few of the shops that share the same ideology and are definitely worth your while. A few steps from our building, there’s Mamecha, a small Japanese café with a low-key interior and a peaceful atmosphere. This tiny sanctuary serves delicious bento boxes and a wide selection of green teas. Whenever we’re here, our lunchtime gets a bit more ritualistic.

Across the street, we find a specialist store with bespoke stationery items such as greeting cards and notebooks. In RSVP, all the products are hand-made by small manufacturers from Berlin and around the world. We love the fact that the owner frequents small unknown shops to discover beautifully crafted objects.

Further down, Baerck is not your average fashion boutique. It offers clothes and accessories from Berlin-based labels as well as Scandinavian fashion designers. The items veer towards the minimalistic side of fashion with a hint of avant garde. It’s one of the stores that truly scouts for its selection of pieces. Amongst the garments, you will also notice unique interior and decorative objects carefully placed around the space to enhance the shop’s appeal and approachable nature.

Mulackstrasse, Berlin neighbourhood

There’s plenty of spots in and around Mulackstraße that we are particularly fond of and it would take much more than a few paragraphs to describe them all. However, given that we are a self-respecting bunch of coffee lovers, we cannot avoid mentioning The Barn. This small café has a no laptops, no prams policy and is all about serious speciality coffeemaking. It serves one of Berlin’s best cups made from their own roasted beans. We always make sure to have enough supply around the office to fuel our productivity throughout the day.

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