A Day’s Promise

Text by Stephanie Peh
Photography by Jovian Lim

Last Days Of April – From Here To Anywhere
Angel Youth (2000)


The story of most inventions begins with a simple necessity to enhance life, even for the slightest reason. Candles were once used by the rich and poor to provide illumination and heat, to tell how much time has passed or countdown to a special occasion. It is perhaps easy to overlook their role in man’s evolution today, as they have retired into a decorative and expensive gift in modern day living. Candles almost do not exist for function anymore.

Today, the form of a candle varies from a typical cylinder to a perfectly crafted animal figure. They come in various colours and are created from a range of fascinating materials, such as beeswax, soy, animal fat or paraffin. There is something about these materials that makes the experience of touching candles feel strangely familiar. It starts to resonate when one lights up the wick with a flame, and a long lost comfort and calmness overwhelms its beholder. Romantic as they are symbolic, they can be broken down over and over again, and renewed as a form.

The Loveless fragranced candle can be purchased at the Byredo store in Stockholm, Sweden.

Byredo candles a day's promise


Some places are blessed with a bounty of natural light during the daytime. Unblocked by large trees, unsightly skyscrapers or construction, light travels through windows and spaces, casting unexpected shadows and patterns upon the walls, sometimes with a warm telling that the day is alive. This is possibly one of the best conditions to do something productive, such as finish a book or to start embarking on something.

Adequate lighting is required to effectively complete tasks, hence the past centuries saw human beings finding various ways to make the day last longer—finally the electronic light was invented. As the sun sets, they become our silent company through the night, ever supportive of the ones burning the midnight oil. Lighting designers have also raised the bar of fashion shows, enhanced artworks or worked hand in hand with music to create wholesome experiences.

Like candles, they have been manufactured and thought out in various shades of the spectrum. For productive value though, it is best to stick with the whites or yellows.

The Ostram Special Mirror light bulb can be purchased in most convenience stores.

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