Of Flesh And Blood

Text by Charlene Chan
Photography by Jovian Lim
Assisted by Chong Ng

Fathers. What do they hold dear? What do they lose sleep over? They’re as much a part of the family system as our mothers, but we rarely hear them speak about their experience with parenthood. Instead, we often declare them stern and demanding, or sigh at their attempts at humour. Yet when it matters most, there’s nothing quite like their quiet presence, steady and assuring, to seek refuge in. In a bid to break past the enigmas they are, we ask three fathers about their children and the moments and memories they share.

— The fortuity of parenthood, played out in everyday routines and new ways of being.

“I’m a designer and the founder of Asylum, a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Singapore. Some of the projects we completed recently are an Aesop store, multi-brand boutique Surrender, and The Warehouse Hotel. My son is August, and he is four-and-a-half years old. I guess most kids like to doodle and make things so I think it’s too early to say if we have similar interests. I do not intend to steer him towards the creative industry but he will have a head start because we bring him to so many museums and exhibitions when we travel.

There have been many unexpected, wonderful moments [with August] but for me it’s what we do everyday that I enjoy. It could be as simple as driving him in my car and having a casual conversation about trees. Every day is a bit different.

We enjoy taking him out for long dinners whenever we can, and I read Tintin to him every night before he goes to sleep—the same ones I had when I was growing up.

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