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N°2: Constant

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N°2: Constant is a compilation of stories that expresses our desire to be better: better at what we do, better at how we live, better at being human. The issue presents the illustrations of scientific artist Cornelia Hesse-Honeggar and her study on insects, the unwavering spirit of Coney Island, and conversations with Hideki Toyoshima, founder of gm projects; Croatian fashion designer Damir Doma; and Lee Cotter, co-owner of Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. We hear from friends and creatives around the world about the neighbourhoods they have come to love, including Punavuori (Helsinki), Inishturkbeg (Ireland), and Parc Bourget (Lausanne).

The notion of wabi sabi encompasses three simple truths: nothing is perfect, nothing lasts, and nothing is finished. Our desire to better ourselves has driven us to question our every action and thought, adjusting and readjusting to the world around us in an endless cycle of renewal. For it is through acknowledging the inevitable constant of impermanence, that one chooses how to live.