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N°3: Fight

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N°3: Fight is a collection of stories of, and from, those who persist in spite of the hardships they face. From the invisible community living under bridges and in parks within impermanent houses, to the unique circumstances of ballet dancers, we delve into the struggles of various groups of individuals amongst us. We chat with Ben Gorham, founder of Byredo Parfums; Thomas Persson, editor of Acne Paper; and Lyna Ty, designer behind Australia-based menswear label Song for the Mute about the beginnings of their respective ventures, while our contributors from around the world share personal anecdotes about their own neighbourhoods, including the Quartieri Spagnoli (Naples), Baixa (Lisbon), Voorstraat (Utrecht), Tiong Bahru (Singapore), Breite (Basel) and more.

Drawing from the Japanese ethos of Gaman, which speaks of the strength of forbearance, perseverance and patience, N˚3: Fight is a reflection on the very essence of what it means to struggle, endure and withstand against all odds. Following the 2011 earthquake that struck the Pacific coast of Tōhoku, Japan, we reached out to fellow creatives from Japan to invite them to pen their thoughts within the last 16 pages of Fight in a display of tenacity and solidarity.