N°4: Flight

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N°4: Flight is a response to N˚3: Fight, and celebrates the ones who venture across uncharted waters. We hear from our international correspondents about the sense of freedom gained through a simple journey by bicycle, the strangers and lives encountered by a traveller, a documentation of retired space shuttles and the shared passion for adventure that brought together The Skyliners. This issue features interviews with Wolfgang Voight, co-founder of record label Kompakt; Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon; menswear designer Boris Bidjan Saberi; and Vancouver-based architect Omer Arbel. An exploration of neighbourhoods include Montreux (Switzerland), Lev Hair (Tel Aviv), Manhattan (New York City) and more.

In response to  N˚3: Fight, N˚4: Flight counters the notion of Flight being about fleeing or running away, and offers in its place an alternative—to take a pause, a break, a departure from one’s normal duty. It puts forth the idea of letting go, stepping outside one’s comfort zone to question without hurry and in the process, seek a keener sense of self-awareness.