Common Ground

Photographs courtesy of the brands & artists

There’s nothing like working with new people, brands and partners to bring forth fresh ideas and perspectives. More than a sum of their parts, collaborations often manifest as novel products, concepts and a myriad of other projects that both participants and non-participants can experience and enjoy. Such is the significance of collaboration that the Pop-up segment of SingaPlural—which aims to foster the growth of homegrown brands by pairing them with local designers—was conceived. We reach out to some of this year’s collaborators to find out more.

Modern Traditions

At first glance, the three items that IN GOOD COMPANY (IGC), forest&whale (f&w) and Visual Orgasm Tattoo and Piercing (VO) will present in conjunction with Scene Shang seem disparate and unconnected. Yet upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that across all of them—whether a bowl, Chinese chess set or bench—a consistent philosophy prevails: that of creating Asian-inspired products that preserve the voices of their designers.

Beauty in the Vernacular

As Victor (founder of ETTETEA) rightly points out, tea drinking is a total experience that engages with each of our senses in turn. Yet, like the Pandan flavour that defines so many of our local food products, we’ve become almost immune to the simple pleasure and comfort it provides. It’s a sentiment shared by Zi Xi, whose close observations of ordinary items has sparked inspiration for her daily work. So it was a matter of course that the pair would choose to highlight the beauty of the vernacular—the common local plant—in their collaboration for SingaPlural.

Green Fingers

common ground green fingers

For two creatives who’ve built entire bodies of work around nature and products derived from nature, it seems almost a given that CATCH and Lucinda would find a way to end up working together. Their collaboration, which will see them producing a range of silk blouses decked out in botanical prints, goes beyond mere partnership; it’s a clarion call of sorts, from a pair of brands who’ve not only been thoroughly inspired by our natural environment, but have taken it upon themselves to ensure its sustainability.

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