The X Press N˚3

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In Good Company



The X Press Nº3

Celebrating the growth of a homegrown fashion label with issue N˚3.

Chris Lee and August Lee of flesh and blood

Underscore x In Good Company

Of Flesh And Blood

The highs and lows, hopes and fears, and sacrifice and laughter that chart the course of parenthood, according to three fathers.

playeum the artground



Underscore x In Good Company

Free Will

In conversation with the teams at Playeum and The Artground, on why early childhood education is far more than mere child’s play.

IN GOOD COMPANY marina bay sands



Underscore x In Good Company

Gaining Ground

IN GOOD COMPANY makes another home, and takes their collaborators, friends, and all of us along for the ride.

Genevieve Tan The Gentle Label

Underscore x In Good Company

Coming Clean

Genevieve Tan, founder of The Gentle Label, on the ingredients that make an honest product and a sustainable business.

Underscore x In Good Company

The Sacred Life Of Bees

Xavier Tan, beekeeper and founder of Nutrinests, sheds light on bee conservation in Singapore and the community it takes to keep it going.